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Luke Fiso


Hello, I’m Luke Fiso, the proud founder of Instinct Fitness. The journey to founding Instinct Fitness began with my own personal fitness and sporting journey. Growing up playing sports like rugby, basketball, athletics, and skateboarding I learned to enjoy the process of learning new skills and constantly seeking improvement to become a better athlete. This led my to tertiary study where I earned my Bachelor of Health Science. During my studies, I was immersed in the fitness industry working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, but soon found that the existing model of commercial gyms didn’t resonate with my values. I wanted to create a space where functional was valued over aesthetics, community thrived, and where people were supported every day no matter what their goal was. The seed for Instinct Fitness was planted. What started as boot camps in local parks around Wellington quickly grew and required a dedicated facility. We grew into a second location and then really poured everything into our Thorndon location. Our name, ‘Instinct,’ reflects our core belief that movement is primal and inherent to humans. Since our inception, we’ve cultivated an environment where anyone, from beginners to competitive athletes, can thrive. Our focus is on guiding our members to reach their full potential through CrossFit, fostering a community that supports and elevates each other, and promoting a sustainable approach to health and wellbeing through good habits. The business has allowed me to help so many people in their health and fitness journey, provide opportunities for other people that want to work in the fitness industry, and provide for my family and the people (and dogs) that I care about most. I look forward to welcoming you into the Instinct family, finding out what your goals are, and helping you to discover what you’re truly capable of.

Milo Tuala

Weightlifting Coach

CF-L1, Weightlifting Coach

Dylan Crofskey


Bio coming soon

Crystal Robinson


CF-L2, CF Gymnastics Cert

Mikaere Waiariki



Gene Watson



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